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OOC: Bridesmaidicons
I should be doing the groomsmen, because Max is, um, the groom, but I had this base and so I did this first -- thanks to Danii for some help getting that stupid text outline bar thing to show up, since it wasn't cooperating for me ...

Bridesmaid icons.Collapse )

EDIT: And now!

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OOC: Wedding stuffs?
yeah, so, guest list, yadda!

Max's groomsmen, probably: Michael, Ford, Arthur and possibly Andrew, must ask Batya.

Faith's bridesmaids: are entirely your call, though Trillian is making innocent face.

Music people: Random-Lyrae, Arithon and Charlie?

Guests: Sharpe, Meg, Isabel & Warren, Bianca, Val, Moiraine & Daniel, Zaphod, Havelock & Puck, Shelley, Nita & Kit, Archie & Svava, Liam & Karen (and Megan), David & Loki, Fenchurch, Angel, as much of the Serenity crew as wants ... um, etc.

Input is yay!

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Bridge Yokohama
Once upon a time, or every time, there was a spaceport Yokohama, and within it a place called Bridge, or the Bridge.

It was a small town, one long road in length, that may remind someone of a more upscale, but somehow still sleazy, Las Vegas. Had they ever been to Las Vegas.

Two young blondes, appearing to be in their mid-20s were they on Earth, had both been to Las Vegas, and were both of this opinion.

They were also both reporters.

They were other things, too, but both reporters.

Leaning against the Bridge's club's bar, they were joking animatedly at each other, laughing about clothing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about the two until someone stepped on the man's foot and the woman jumped, but they both laughed it off quickly enough.

"You know, you can't be doing that," he says.

"Well, you didn't react and it hurt--"

"Proximity's a curse," said the young man.

She nods, and notes her arm grabbed by another taller man, dark. Laughing, the young woman accepts his invitation, and leaves the blonde man alone.

If, by any chance, anyone had gone to Roswell, New Mexico, to rescue a fellow named Michael from a room that happened to be white, this young man's appearance would be easily recognizable.

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In Faith's suite, minus Faith ...
In Faith's suite, minus Faith, Isabel Meers rests on a couch, unconscious, nearly comatose.

Max Evans, still in royal garb with his circlet upon his head, hands faintly glowing, sits beside her, holding her hand.

"Moiraine," he says weakly, "Moiraine, if you can hear from the Dreaming, I need you."

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On the Heart of Gold ...
"You ready for this?" Max asks of his sister, going through cabinets in the kitchen and grabbing a few things - graham crackers and cookies, some chocolate, a bottle of tabasco sauce and two bags of marshmallows - and walking with Trillian and Isabel out onto the bridge.

"I still think you're completely crazy," says Trillian.

"No," replies Max, "you know I am, but not completely. And it's like a big sleepover."

He looks at his sister. "Don't girls like big sleepovers?"

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Antar: Landing Grounds
It's still late afternoon on that first day.

Everyone is waiting around for the return of the scouts, including the addition of one Meroin Aviro.

... but, admitting to the fact that there's a placeholder post means they should be along soon.

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Antar: Ship's Landing
OOC: There will be a separate post for the scouting party, but they get a chance to have reactions here, too. And um. Thingy. 'nuff with the OOC.

And the Heart of Gold touches down, landing rather gracefully (Trillian practiced) in a patch of grass way out in the middle of nothing. If Antar had radar – they don’t – it wouldn’t pick them up here. That was carefully planned, considering the topography.

“Careful, don’t let yourselves be seen by anyone,” says Max as the hatch to the Heart of Gold opens. “Take a momennt to get used to the air – it isn’t that different, I promise – and then come back onto the ship … except you folks. You know what you’re to be doing.”

That last part was addressed toward Trillian, Havelock, Val, Puck and Mouse. Everyone had gained blue skin and either purple or black hair the night before, courtesy of Isabel or their own powers, depending on the person.

Then, Max and Michael step off first, closely followed first by a curious Meg Giry, and a very, very excited looking Trillian.

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On the Heart of Gold
The ship's been cleaned. Insanely. Every bit of it's shining brightly, even whiter than it normally is, and all is pristine and perfect for a trip that guarantees, considering time and the personages involved, that by the time they land, it'll be a mess.

This is of course why it was cleaned first. This may seem illogical. It is illogical. That's part of the point.

The Improbability Drive is carefully being watched by Trillian, who is currently the only one in the ship besides Zaphod Beeblebrox, who is asleep in one of the ship's sofas.

... wait, scratch that. Now Trillian is manning the Improbability Drive, Zaphod is asleep on one of the sofas, and Max Evans is standing behind her.

They're expecting the others, soon enough.

OOC: I assume we'll handle it as a party thread - everyone react to the main post and then mingle at will. After all, they will be on the ship for an entire night, it might as well become a party.

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[Out of Milliways] A Council of War
Max's room is the epitome of organization. The door in the corner that connects to Michael's room is shut but not locked, the closet wears a sign that says 'BEWARE OF SHOE THEFT' and is currently bolted, the bookshelves are in order, nothing is on the floor, but that's not important right now.

What's important is that Max is sitting at his table, which actually is round (for Nights at the Round Table, see), surrounded by all of Trillian's notes.

The door is unlocked, and he's awaiting the arrivals of Michael, Maria and Moiraine ... at least.

[OOC: So, if we could do this not in threads, but in the established order of your choice ... which we'll figure out as people tag .. all as replying to the main post, so it doesn't scroll off-screen? That would be easier on my head. Since everyone is in the one thread. If you'd rather not do that, though, is cool, just. Right. I'm tired. Can you tell?]

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From Max's notebook
Not much time has passed here. I'm glad, I was hoping it would go that way

Well, anyhow

I'm trying to get myself to take notes and it isn't really working as well as I thought it would ...

but there are some things I need to figure out

stop pitying yourself, Max. Chill. try and chill. right. -- so. what happened to Tess. where's Xan. will Liz ever speak to me again.
when am I going to stop shaking.
what did they want.
what's going to happen to Liz
maybe, maybe I should find ... what was her name.

she seemed to have a grasp on things.
and reminds me a little bit of a lot of people I knew.
don't even remember who some of them really were.
someone else's memories.
the king of Antar's memories, not mine

I need to sleep.

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