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the once and future king

peacekeeping. always.

Max Evans
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Max Evans is 19 years old, and has just graduated Roswell High School. He has a twin sister named Isabel, and his best friend is Michael Guerin. He also has a crush on the amazing Liz Parker - Michael may or may not be in a similar condition with Liz's best friend, Maria Deluca.

Or else, that's what it looks like on the outside.

Max Evans is, in part, King Zan, the deposed ruler of the planet of Antar. His sister Isabel is also his sister Vilondra, the royal consort and the thinker - Michael Guerin is Rath, his second and general ... and the fourth of the Royal Four isn't of anyone's business.

Milliways Updates: The Royal Four are now very technically the Royal Six - Isabel is now married to Warren Meers, and Michael to Maria Deluca, upping the number to six with the removal of Tess/Ava from their number.

Currently, Max is involved in a rather large and elaborate plot to reaffirm himself, Michael and Isabel as the rightful leaders of their home planet, Antar. This plot involves more than we thought possible crosses with scary parallels into the worlds of the Wheel of Time and the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy.

As of November 2005, Max can be summed up in a few very simple sentences:
Twin of Isabel.
Soul-brother and best friend of Michael.
Mind-bonded to Trillian.
In love with Faith.
Mentored by Moiraine.
King of Antar.

Notes on Max's powers: Most of all, Max is a healer. His hands turn blue when they heal, as blue is the colour of his power. When he heals, a silver handprint is left in that spot. It lasts anywhere from two days to a week, depending on how much he had to heal. Max will heal anyone, regardless of his opinions of the person.

This is a journal for the milliways_bar community. Max Evans is the property of the creators of Roswell: Melinda Mertz, Warner Brothers and UPN. No copyright infringement intended. All in fun. Really and truly.
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